Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Opportunity: Sketchers & painters--Learn figure drawing skills this summer!


  My one and only (ever) figure drawing teacher, Michael Stasinos, has agreed to present a workshop in my studio in August for painters and sketchers who would like to start adding people to their paintings and sketches!  

To find out details, click on the tab above--"Learn Figure Drawing Skills for Painters and Sketchers." This is where you will find: dates, times, location, cost, PayPal button.

This workshop is being sponsored by Peninsula Art League as part of their annual Open Show event. Michael will be the juror of this international show for PAL, as well as leading this workshop.

I met Michael at the Gage Academy in Seattle (a decade...or more... ago?),  a young guy about my son's age back then (both are fifty +/- these days), sketching in the Open Figure Drawing drop-in program at the easel right next to mine. I remarked that I thought his figure sketches were really good, and, later he gave me a couple of pointers about sketching from the figure. I thought 'what a nice guy'. Later I blushed (inside my mind) when I learned he was, at that time, on the faculty of Gage Academy.

Subsequently, Michael became the full-time professor of Art & Design at Pacific Lutheran University, where my husband was a professor in the Business School. I took many excellent oil painting and drawing classes from Michael at PLU over several years, and when I could, attended his Wednesday evening (free) figure drawing sessions (no instruction there; always with a live model).

Later, when I opened my downtown Puyallup art studio, I hosted Michael for several workshops: either in plein air painting or figure drawing.

I know why Michael's  students always  love his workshops: He is a very generous teacher, offering loads of information and doing demonstration drawings from the live model. Then, it is the students' turn to practice capturing what has just been taught and demonstrated. This is repeated (at the upcoming workshop in my studio for 18 hours over three days!) Michael comes around to each easel and gives very kind feedback and suggestions tailored to the experience level of each artist.

In Michael's workshop in August in my studio in Puyallup, he will draw a lot/ you will draw a lot....and voila', you will be on the road to adding figures (which please you) to your paintings and sketches!

Above are two sketches completed by Michael for the PLU Anthropology Department, based on anthropological research information about the Anasazi Indians. These sketches were used as illustrations for a presentation to other anthropologists.

Above is a portion of one of Michael's paintings which includes figures. To see more of Michael's figure paintings, Click on the workshop tab above, and also, visit his website. Simply go to www.michaelstasinos.com

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