Wednesday, November 19, 2014

National November Draw More (NaNoDrawMo) Challenge

As of November 1st I accepted the challenge to do more sketches in one month than I have ever accomplished thus far: 50! Today, I completed posting 29 sketches. That is, in itself, more sketches than I've ever done in one month, so I feel happy with the progress I'm making so far.

I have posted my sketches in the Flickr site for this challenge, however they are mixed in with 3,418 sketches submitted thus far, by the 256 artists who have taken the challenge! That averages to 13 sketches per I'm ahead of the curve with 29 today. I will post my sketches here, on my blog, under my Tab above: My Sketches and Drawings (as soon as I remember how to do that! I will be browsing "Google Blogger for Dummies" in the next day or so. Stand by! :-) )

Here's the Challenge Site on Flickr:

 NaNoDrawMo Flickr site:

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